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November 30, 2009


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Wondering why...

Why not also show the times the referee helped up FSU players? Wow - posts like this really makes me question this site. It use to be my favorite because I thought the aticles were unbais and covered all teams, but stuff like this really hurts your credibility....


Yeah, Florida really needed help beating a Florida State team with a defense that gets lit up by North Carolina and Maryland.

Flat out, you're an idiot if you really think this was worth posting. We get it - you hate the SEC, but there's no need to saturate your site with crap like this.

Bobby Fenton

Par for the course for The Wiz. The site has really deteriorated over the past year.

I don't even mind some bias. Hell, college football wouldn't be any fun without a little bias. But The Wiz takes it to the point of utter ridiculousness and becomes its own punchline.

Hans Gruber

I imagine the ref stepped in there to help Tebow up so that one day he can tell his grandkids. "I touched the hand of Jesus after his second coming".

Tebow is a great player, but the hero worship is getting nauseating. I'll be glad when his farewell tour is over. And I blame the media for this, cause I like the guy.

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