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November 30, 2009


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Coach Holtz is an ND homer, no doubt. But he's as good a guy as you'll find anywhere - I know him and he would do anything for you, just a prince of a guy.

And, his analysis may not have been far from the truth, though it seemed pretty outlandish! Perhaps another coach this year could have made good on Lou's prediction. Coach Weis and co. obviously could not, and look where that got him. That doesn't mean Lou was wrong (though probably a little over-enthusiastic. . .)


Lou's pick at the time was crazy, the majority of experts picked ND to finish at best 10-2 or 9-3. They finished 6-6 and that is why Weis is gone.

The head scratching pick I can't understand is the normally accurate Kirk Herbstreit picking Florida wide receiver David Nelson to be the surprise player of the year. I guess 201 yards receiving and 1 TD is surprising.

Carl Spackler

ND lost all six by a TD or less and they probably were the better team in all but one of the losses. Proving that coaching was the issue.


They also won 4 of their 6 by a TD or less. Seems like they could have been 2-10 as easily as 10-2 under your "TD or less" scenario.

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