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November 10, 2009


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You should consult a qualified official before posting this video. Calling that a foul for block in the back is ridiculous. Posting this is hurting your reputation.
Best Wishes


Is this post serious?

That block is perfectly clean and that stiff arm is done in games every week.

It was Tebow's last play of the game and was a 10-15 yard catch and then run for 50 more.


Can we expect you to be going through the videos of the PSU - Ohio State, Oregon - Stanford and FAU - UAB games, among others, to point out what you consider missed calls?

You claim this is a site "for winners," but the whining sounds like something else.


And I'm eagerly awaiting the post taking Cal to task for letting Jahvid Best play one week after a concussion, which resulted in another awful concussion during that horrifying play. Unless playing so soon after concussions is only wrong when Florida/SEC teams do it. Hey, Jay's a West Coaster isn't he? I'm sure there's no correlation there, at all.


Floridan got it right. This has turned into a site for whiners. Or, more accurately, whiner.

We get it - you hate the SEC. You're making yourself look stupid though...


Block in the back, definition: "A blocker contacting a non-ballcarrying member of the opposing team from behind and above the waist."

Did you even watch the video? He clearly came from the side; it was perfectly legal.

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