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December 23, 2009


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Two things.

One, the only reason Texas is where it is currently is because of their cheating, conniving ways. They screwed Nebraska out of the Big XII title by using the Big XII Commissioner and Head of Referees (who is, incidentally a UT alum). Any success Texas has is due to their inability to follow the rules, and this 'win at all costs' mentality will come back to haunt them sooner rather than later.

Two, regarding the target of Big 10 expansion, there are only two teams on that Top 20 which would bolster the conference's portfolio--Notre Dame and Nebraska. The former has already told the Big 10 to jump in a lake...but the later of the two has been rather coy, and Osborne hasn't dismissed joining the Big 10.

Add to that a built-in ally (Barry Alvarez at Wisconsin--NU alum/coach), a better television package which would benefit more from having a name like Nebraska attached to it (even moreso than the supposed TVs they would gain from Missouri expansion), and a list of the ills that the Big XII has inflicted on Nebraska since its inception (thanks to the former Big XII commish abruptly leaving his post and heading the Big 10 Network...), and anyone with sense knows the smart money is on Nebraska for Big 10 expansion.

The only question is whether or not the Big 10 actually will expand, or if they'll simply adjust their schedule to play post-Thanksgiving...


Yeah-- Lincoln is a HUGE TV market! The Big 10 is dieing for those eye balls. And if you don't think expansion is all about television, then you are an even larger moron than your post suggests.

The Texas cheating thing-- is that coming from the McCoy pass? It pretty obviously bounced with a second left on the clock. The correct call was made.

Jeez, even us Gator fans lose with more grace than Pelleni and farmers do (apparently)


No Bob, the correct call was not made, but we wouldn't expect a bunch of classless clowns like Florida to know much about how correct calls are made by referees in a football game, now would we?

And no, the expansion isn't just about television, Bob. It's about their conference being relevant again, post-Thanksgiving. Missouri isn't going to do that--they're barely relevant in their own conference, and even that's debatable since Iowa State leapfrogged them (for good reason) in the conference bowl pecking order.

And since it's clear you know very little, and even less about the midwest, I'll let you in on a little secret--Nebraska's markets include Missouri and Colorado, much to the chagrin of the state schools. Hell, these states even have Nebraska paraphernalia stores within their borders--to say that Nebraska isn't relevant in those states, television or otherwise, is just someone going full retard.

And Bob, if you're not too busy fellating the statue of Tebow walking on water to cure the lepers with Mary Magdalene, you would do well to actually read (I know Literacy is only an elective at U of F) articles by Mandel or Maisel on this issue which both suggest that Nebraska is more than a significant possibility.


Matt, see the NCAA football rulebook, specifically Rule 12, Section 3, Article 6: "No other plays or officiating decisions are reviewable. However, the replay official may correct egregious errors, including those involving the game clock, whether or not a play is reviewable." The loss of the final second on the second-to-last play was obviously an "egregious error". The argument cannot and should not go any further, doubly so if you dispute the visual evidence that 0:01 remained when the ball landed out of bounds.


The Whorns must die.


Matt, NEB is not relevant, has not been relevant in years. It does not offer any conference a media-advantage-- no tv, no ratings, no money. Pretty simple, really.

I can see why NEB fans would want to jump to a conference like the BIG 10, instead of being the 5th or 6th best team in their current conference.

Oh yeah-- the wrong call was made? you really are an idiot.


I got no dog in this fight, but something tells me that error wouldn't have been quite so "egregious" if it had been Nebraska throwing the ball away......just sayin


Stan--the only idiot here is you. Thanks for playing, though.

And Nebraska has no money or ratings? Seriously, you are a ******* moron. The Big XII title game got the highest ratings for an ESPN/ABC game in that timeslot since they started putting games on Saturday night...and Texas already had games played in that slot, so it wasn't their fans that made the difference.

Nebraska fans are some of THE most sought-out fans for games, bowl or otherwise, because they travel better than just about any team out there.

And money? Did you not read the article that was linked above?!?! Forbes just ranked the 20 Most Valuable College Football teams, and Nebraska was *GASP* fourth on the list, only behind Penn State, Notre Dame, and the cheating vermin of Austin.

But of course Nebraska isn't relevant...only if ratings, fan base, and money don't enter into your pathetic argument.

Ryan--one second is NOT an "egregious" error and doesn't fall under that label. Why? Because the ref hadn't been adding time back during the game for the other incomplete passes that took time off the clock. Either the referee goes back and adds the time that ticked off for each and every incomplete pass, or they rule consistently and the game is over.

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