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December 11, 2009


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Texas did lose in the Big XII Title Game--the Texas Alum-led referees for the Big XII and BCS decided the game, instead of letting the on-field action (read: McCoy being a punch-drunk idiot and letting the clock expire) dictate the results.

And considering Texas choked against the #3 defense (which left its offense back in Lincoln...), and Texas will be now going up against the #2 defense in the nation (complete with a more-than-competent offense), there's no reason to think this game will be anything less than a blowout in favor of 'Bama.

TCU and/or Cincinnati would had easily provided a higher quality opponent for 'Bama and a better game. Instead, Texas cheats their way to a title game, and the college football world as a whole suffers for it.


Really? This is Bush's fault too? wow!! I think bush was behind usc's bad season also, not to mention charlie boy getting the ax at notre dame.....Damn you G.W. Bush, damn you...


Wow. I knew it. I just knew Bush was behind this. My fridge died the other day and you know what...clearly, Bush is at fault. You see,when it died I had to go to the store (using gas/oil...making Bush rich) and buy some more beef (which came from Texas, which in turn increased state revenue and made Bush's political cronies look good). As any clear thinking person would, I wrote an article called, "Ex-Bush Cronies Killed My Fridge...and college Football Playoffs, Too." Makes perfect sense to all rational people.


Even when they hire the lobbyists the BCS folks can't help but trip over themselves saying stupid things. I wonder if it even occurred to him that as he's complaining about how playoffs would inevitably expand nearly everyone is sitting around nodding their head thinking, "Yep, that's the plan, that's what we want." To them the problem is everyone else's solution.


The reality based community thanks you for posting the facts that several members of the Bush administration are lobbying against a playoff.


I'm not in favor of a full blown playoff - a plus-one would be the most I would be in support of. As an "anti-playoff" person, I am absolutely embarrassed by this amateur website. All their reasoning is completely irrelevant, and it makes them look like, well, it makes them look like incompetent fools.

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