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December 13, 2009


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Yeah, i think Richardson was a better back for bama, that and Ingram getting thumped by AU all day til he finally gave up showed me that MI was probably not the best pick. Could Colt possibly show everyone how silly the pick was in January??


The only thing Colt will do in January is change his drawers again after the Alabama defense has their way with Texas.

Suh was the best player out of those four, and it's pathetic that he was dropped below the overrated QB that he destroyed on a national stage.

Oh well, come draft day, Colt will likely have to wear Depends when Mr. Suh's name is called, just out of the sheer terror that he wrought on McCoy that night. That, and McCoy will be upset with Suh having more zeroes to the left of the decimal than he will with their NFL paychecks.

And honestly, which of the two (McCoy or Suh) will wash out in the NFL first? Smart money is on the overrated kid from Texas, but he'll have to drown against 'Bama first.


Has Bart Wright never wrote a piece about how an individual player changed a game? How outstanding their stars were? Never shined the light on a single star? Because all those things can directly affect endorsements and contract negotiations. I find that part of his argument paper thin, at best.


Man. I should read what I write before I hit submit. "Has Bart Wright never wrote..." My copy editor would kill me if he saw that.

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