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December 11, 2009


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The NCAA should step in and come up with a 'dead period' for coaching hires so we don't have these kids being left in the lurch while their season is still going.

If this pushes back the recruiting season a bit, then so be it--but there's no reason a coach should leave their team unless they're being fired/terminated by their employer.

One other option would be for the NCAA to allow students to transfer w/o penalty to any school when there is a head coaching change (or, say a 50% or greater change in head coaching staff). Just a thought...


I agree with the dead period, but I also would like to add that Cincy swiped Kelly from CMU before CMU's bowl games three years ago. It all comes full circle.


SEC Coach of the year in 2008 fired in 2009 - Billy Gillipse -
It goes both ways - coaches get screwed and some screw the schools....just like the real world, get over it..........

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