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December 15, 2009


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Alabama publicity machine at work. This will be taken out of context and regurgitated by finebaum. All the while Auburn is on an upswing if this recruiting class goes as good as expected. You won't hear how it was a great job by a first year coaching staff or that darvin adams led the sec in td's, he didn't even make all sec, you can bet your sweet ass if a bammer woulda led in td's he'd been there.


I guess ol' Barkley thinks the name Turner Gill is thought of before all those other names he named first!?


yeah poor old barkley is just too stupid to understand that he's just getting played on by alabama media flunkies. Barkley should pony up with donations more, appreciate the 500, but your idiotic actions cost the university more than that every 4 months. Barkley should go back to arizona and begging some cop to tattoo stuff on his @ss and let auburn do auburn. How is Charles going to sit around and talk about champions or championships .. he never won any and damn sure isn't a champion.


Round Mound, be like BO.


Sir Charles is a royal jerk. I don't blame Tiger for not taking his calls.

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