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January 03, 2010


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Wait, a coach cursed at one of his players and questions the player's commitment, attitude, and ability? I have never heard of such a shocking thing.

This performance shall not be tolerated.


Does Adam James needs a hug?

gerry dorsey

my junior high football playing nephews don't even think this is a big deal.


... yes, but the liberal driven media thinks this is a big deal!


So does the conservative driven media

Will Smithrock

Why is this even posted? It happens all the time in college football, high school, and junior tackle if a kid cops an attitude and isn't a team player. I'm sure Baby James couldn't wait to get on his cell to cry to Big Daddy. Leach most likely got one of those Little League Dad calls shortly after practice ended wondering why his son wasn't practicing with the first team.

Will Smithrock

watch the video a few times...is Baby James flipping the bird at the coach as he walks toward the camera and puts his hand behind his back? Sure seems like it.


And the conservative driven media is??? Go read Marx and feel "enlightened." God forbid someone has their feeling's hurt, especially during a sports practice.

Bobo Puffels

I'm as liberal as they come and I am 100% behind Leach.

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