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January 14, 2010


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There is no way you can cut it, it was clearly a violation of the rules. Orgeron, the dishonest scum, knows it too. Calling early enrolees is against the rules, and calling recruits (like Brandon Willis) is against the rules, because we are currently in a deadp period where contact by coaches is prohibited. Kiffin & Co. are all trash - his dad included.


Lane's dad (Monte) used to be a class act, especially early on in his career.

It's too bad some of that class and dignity didn't filter down to his son...but it looks as if anymore that Monte is content to clean up after his son's messes.

Sad, really.

Purple People Eater

This will not end well for USC.


If the recruits had questions, you would think they would call Orgeron, not the other way around.


kiffen & company are all back stabbing two faced garbage mike hamilton is getting what he deserves he done fulmer wrong they should give fulmer hamiltons job and let him hire the new coach

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