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January 05, 2010


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Alaska Hokie

I remember seeing ZZ Top during the halftime of the Orange Bowl between VTech and Kansas, and thinking it was freezing because it was in the 50s with rain and wind.

Now that I've lived in Alaska for two years, I really would like some 30-degree temperatures.


Eddie Money kicked ass IMO. It was a shame they tape delayed hos performance (by a few mins) and only showed us about half of it instead of the entire thing. So what that he was cold (and we were laughing at his red cheeks)?

Money still kicks ass!


I'm an ECU alum and I was there. As an eyewitness to this field goal kicking debacle and general Memphis ghettoness, I was a little surprised to see Eddie Money (didn't know he was still around/alive).

On a "positive" note- he did get +55,000 frozen realtree clad arkanasans singing in unison. Until that point I thought they were only capable of pig calling and chanting "SEC".

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