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January 14, 2010


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When did Cutcliff coach Brady Quinn?...Never I believe.

The Wiz

He spent the 2005 season as an assistant at Notre Dame.


He resigned due to having triple by-pass heart surgery in March of 2005...before actually performing any duties! That means...he never got to work with Quinn. Peter Vaas was subsequently hired as the QB coach.

The Wiz

I believe he had the bypass surgery in March 2005 but didn't resign until June 2005.


I'm not clear if he still coached during spring ball.


Yes that's true...but the record also shows that from March 'til June he never set foot on the field or film room. While he recovered from the surgery...Weis had taken over QB duties for spring practice 'til David got back on his feet.

However, the return never happened...so probably the furthest he and Quinn ever got was an introductory handshake. This is well documented on the Internet.

Bottom line...Cutcliffe had no part in BQ's development.

The Wiz

OK, fair enough. To keep things accurate, I just struck Quinn's name from the entry.

Thanks for pointing this out, Borromini!


Your welcome Wiz...keep up the good work!

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