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January 07, 2010


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Texas vs. Alabama: And the Winner Is ...?

...no one that's a fan of college football, at any rate. If anything, I fully expect a black hole of suck to appear and engulf the Rose Bowl, ending three of the most dishonorable institutions of college football.

Seriously, Texas has no business being in this game. They lost the Big XII Title game (though the bump in pay the refs and Big XII commish received helped), and 'Bama is the only defense in the nation better than what Nebraska has. There's no reason this should be close unless Saban is asleep at the wheel.

'Bama 42 Tea-Sippers 12


No SEC team has ever lost in the BCS title game.

Bama 35 Texas 27

john boyle

Texas wins by 14. Number for Texas will sack the Alabama's quarterback and sting him. Intimidation from Texas will win the ball game for them. Texas 35 Alabama 21


alabama beat queer steers 37/21


paybacks a bitch for that bradford foul during the red river game! HAHA!!

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