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January 12, 2010


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10) The Wiz comparing Mike Leach/Texas Tech to Guantanamo Bay.

Purple People Eater

Kudos to Eugene Chizik for ending Auburn's streak of representation on this esteemed list.

Maybe Tubberville plans to take Texas Tech "to the next level" by getting them on this list next season.

The Mutt

Most of those were "heat of the moment" kind of things. They were cheap and penalty-worthy, maybe even ejection-worthy, but they don't come close to the clear winner here.

Henderson was straight-up trying to cripple Blanton. With malice aforethought. Away from the play. No moment of passion. No "lashing out."

He saw him. He decided to cripple him. He dove into his knee. Nick Henderson is a disgrace to the uniform he wears and the one he wants to wear.

john dawson

Fuck you dumbass WIZ


I'm surprised so many people are voting for Blount. Sure, he sucker punched a guy, but it was at least some sort of retaliation move and not intended to physically end a guys season. Stuff like Henderson or West, chopping a guy down at the knees when they were 20 yards away from the play is malicious and intended to injure. Seems like those should be getting a lot more votes.

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