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February 12, 2010


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Something else to consider about Big 11 expansion. Most of the Big XII schools do not offer many of the sports that the Big 11 sponsors. That is, the Big XII will need to add more varsity sports.

Texas can afford it. Can Mizzou? Nebraska? KU?


What are you talking about bevo, if anything, because of weather, big ten schools have less. For instance, many don't play baseball. And besides, name one sport that Nebraska doesn't have that UT does? And Nebraska is the 4th wealthiest program per Forbes. But you think they are cash-strapped?

Your comment doesn't make any sense bevo.


We're reaching new and lower lows in the so-called "sports journalism" business, with this manufactured nonsense about Texas joining the Big Ten.

Just look at how many hens are able to cluck about this fake planted noise, in the above article alone: eight are quoted here, but there's probably eight hundred hens clucking about this.

I can just see those jerks at ESPN having a field day with this one, you know, the jerks who sit around and shout at each other because there's no ballgame on and so therefore there's nothing for them to do, and you can't have 'dead air' and so let's invent nonsense to cluck about.

Because the prospect of unemployment is frightening, isn't it.


MeatyBob, you and Bevo are both correct and incorrect. There are some sports (hockey, lacrosse) that the Big 10 participates in that the Big XII doesn't...

...though having said that, Nebraska has been all about women's sports, namely volleyball, gymnastics, and (recently) basketball (a question--would the Nebraska women fare better than their male counterparts when it comes to Big XII Men's Basketball results this year?). Also, Nebraska still does wrestling, which only a handful of the Big XII schools still offer, but I believe most of the Big 10 schools participate in.

As for adding said sports, considering the boost to the cash flow that Nebraska would receive going to the Big 10 and their TV contract, it wouldn't be a problem for Nebraska to add those spots. Lincoln already has facilities for Hockey that could serve as a temporary/permanent home for a Cornhusker hockey team (though UN-Omaha wouldn't like it...), Nebraska has one of the better soccer fields in the Big XII that can easily be converted for Lacrosse...so on and so forth.

Nebraska can't be 4th on the Forbes list without some sort of significant national following, and the Big 10 knows that. But they wouldn't be able to just bring Nebraska, as they already pigeonholed their expansion as TV-related, so Mizzou and Kansas (St. Louis, Kansas City markets) would need to come along for the ride.

The real question is whether or not Kansas and Mizzou would be able to add sports to their program in a timely fashion. While neither school is anywhere close to broke (see Texas Tech...), neither one would be in a position to start up a new sport on day one like Nebraska would.

As for Texas joining the Big 10, it's bunk. If anything, the Big 10 may have extended its hand only to get an account from their end of the infighting that has gone on between UT and Nebraska in the Big XII offices to see if what Barry has heard jives with what actually happened.

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It should be a sight of sportsmanship as thats what sports is all about.

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