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February 12, 2010


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It's hard to reconcile the NCAA wanting to pound UCF "for violations involving improper phone calls and text messages to recruits", when the punk QB for Texas takes himself out of the biggest (most wagered on) college football game of the year, claiming the world's most mysterious and unverifiable injury of "my arm's dead, it's a limp noodle", and not a single medical professional diagnoses or even describes any real injury.

That punk (and his dad) threw the game in a manner as clever as when Mike Tyson bit part of Evander Holyfield's ear off.

When there's hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars to be made, it pays to come up with new and inventive ways to throw the fight or game.

When Mike Tyson saw that punk Texas QB fake his paralysis, I bet he wished he (and Don King) had thought of that, and maybe have kept him from being banned from ever fighting in Nevada again, while still throwing the fight.

"My arm's limp, it's dead, it's a limp noodle."

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