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February 12, 2010


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This is a good thing, their "messages" were getting out of control.
BTW, Pryor's eye black said "Mika" and "Vick" for his sister and Michael Vick, repectively.


God forbid these kids, upon whose shoulders schools/the NCAA/television networks are making (literally) billions of dollars, have the ability to say something. No, they must be thoughtless, mindless drones content to play football--an undoubtedly emotional sport--with no excitement/interest whatsoever. These rules are preposterous, and if the Rules Committee thinks this addresses the most pressing issues in the sport, they are singlehandedly leading the sport down the road to irrelevance.


I would never know what it said under Pryor's or Tebow's eyes, unless the television folks and other media made such a big deal of it.

And so Pryor has something written in quarter inch high letters under his eyes, is that any reason for television close-ups and zoom lens photos published everywhere?

Who really cares.

Truly, I can see what's next in this idiocy: TATTOOS!

"No tattoos with the names of persons or companies or political issues or foreign countries or endless other things, may be displayed on the arms or other unexposed flesh of the player."

I have a better more sensible suggestion: not only should we pay no attention at all to whatever these dim young men have written under their eyes, but we should pay no attention to their opinions and to the stupid things they say when the media fawns all over them after the game, asking them every stupid question under the sun, when who the heck really cares anyway.

Oh wait, there's a whole industry of camp-followers that make their living asking these dimwits post-game questions, and showing close-ups and zoom lens photos of their eye-black, and then prattling on endlessly about it all, isn't there?



the game is and should be bigger than the indivisual. that is the point.

my guess is you are also not white or b/tn the ages of 18-23.

in other words, you know nothing about the world ... yet.


Ha, gotta love a racist who can't compose a clear sentence calling someone else out for knowing nothing. I agree with Manuel in that this is an absurd rule.


I'm white/Hispanic, older than 30, and I think this proposed rule is absurd as well. What is the harm, really? Why can't we let these kids actually, God forbid, have fun playing football? Why take the joy out of college football so that it rapidly approaching the corporate, soulless feel that the NFL is fast on its way to becoming?


Holy sh!t Beez, you really dropped a nuclear bomb there didn't you? For the record, I'm as white as they come (it's usually a liability), mid-30s, and an experienced attorney. I know plenty about the world, including: folks who resort to ageist, racist slants in lieu of actually defending their point of view are not worth my time. Since you didn't take any opportunity to actually criticize the substance of my argument, I'll assume race baiting is the best you've got.

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