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March 04, 2010


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I've screamed this from the mountaintops--Nebraska leaving the Big XII is a done deal, and the Big 10 isn't going to be content to simply swallow up Rutgers or Mizzou on their own, because neither one add much more than a couple of percentage point increases in ABC coverage.

That, and when the traditionally stoic and former politician Tom Osborne did a public about face on the issue (from saying Nebraska would stick with old Big-8 chums to saying they'd listen if asked...), that is as big as any that someone has already started canoodling with Nebraska and that they're going somewhere.

Remember--this whole exercise is for the benefit of the Big 10 to a) expand their viewership for ABC games AND the Big 10 channel, and b) become relevant in football past Thanksgiving. Mizzou and Rutgers only give you an expanded ABC broadcast footprint, but they sure as hell don't give you viewers (which is why Mizzou is routinely bumped in the bowl pecking order and Rutgers is a local afterthought more often than not).

Nebraska gives you viewers across the nation, gives you matchups that would have ESPN/ABC drooling on a yearly basis in football, and gives the Big 10 Network a boost in subscriptions across the nation, as Nebraska fans don't just watch football with a fervor; Volleyball, Women's Basketball, and Baseball are all right up there.

Texas had better get their house in order, 'cause the Big XII is going to fall down around them, and the only schools they'll have to bully around are the ones willing to suck up to UT for $$ (read: Oklahoma), or the ones that no one cares if they get bullied around (read: ISU, Baylor, KSU).


I disagree that the money in the Pac 10 is better than the Big XII for CU. In fact, its not better.

Will Smithrock

The Big Ten's first choice is Notre Dame. They can stand pat and won't need to expand anymore if they pull in the Golden Domers this time around. The only folks against the Irish joining the Big Ten are insecure Irish fans and a handful of ND athletic department personnel. The AD and the academic side of ND are all pro-conference.

Jim Slemaker

Nebraska does not bring viewers nationwide. That's BS. They also do not bring anything to the men's basketball table. It's a tiny state with a tiny TV market. They are way down the list for Big Ten expansion.

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