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April 14, 2010


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Or maybe all the lazy criminals at Oregon didn't change their tendencies and a really good Ohio State defense was able to pick them up after watching a month of film.


DK- Very Unlikely


No coach or anyone else at Oregon has said that Ohio State stole their signs. The comment was made by, John Hunt, an Oregonian writer. The coach said it appeared some plays had been compromised during the year and the writer streched that quote by implying that since Ohio State was so good they could have been reading signals.


Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.


Two ballboys to claim the National Title? Stupid post.

DC Duck

Nobody at Oregon is making excuses (perhaps a couple what if scenarios), but no excuses. The Buckeyes were the better team that day. It was a good game and was not a blow out as other articles have alluded to. From where I sat in the Oregon endzone the better team won.

That being said 2010 will be a diff't story. We won't be one dimentional and we should be back in the hunt for the Pac10 title and a BCS bowl game.


Will Oregon have enough players out of jail to field a team in 2010?

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