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April 16, 2010


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Dingo Dango

I've been to the UCF stadium, it is a joke.


I live in Allen. In no other state in the country would the old Allen stadium honestly merit this comment...

"Allen's existing stadium was built in the 1970s and seats 7,000, but officials say it has outlived it usefulness."

The stadium is fine. Yes, it had bleacher seating, all high schools outside of Texas have bleacher seating. Fing only in Texas. Also, that bond measure was a part of a $250 overall bond measure (ignore the $120M, there is no way that is right) where the money was for new buses, maintenance for classrooms, the new fine arts auditorium, etc., so one had to vote for all of it or none of it. And since the vote was in May in an off election year, only around 3000 people even other to vote. So the Allen ISD employees all voted for it, so it passed.

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