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April 30, 2010


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Will Smithrock

A couple observations...Larry Scott needs to get his history about the Pac-10's relationship with the Rose Bowl and the Big Ten. It's going on 64 years, Larry, not 50. Also, he claims academics will rule who joins the Pac-10. That's a joke. The two most logical schools to join would be Utah and BYU. They are academically sound and they are a natural regional rivalry, as are all five other rivalry pairings in the Pac-10. Both Arizona schools came from the old WAC which Utah and BYU were a part as their rivals. But Utah will get invited along with Colorado. BYU will not be invited- not because of academics, which are at a higher standard and level of accomplishment than Oregon State, Washington State and ASU. No, it will be because of the social conservatism associated with the LDS church-owned institution which doesn't set well with ultra liberal California university presidents. That's fine, they have their freedom to choose, but don't candy coat it and act like it's not the 10 ton elephant in the room. That insults the intelligence of Pac-10 sports fans who would love to see BYU become the whipping boys of the conference.

Will Smithrock

Furthermore...travel to SLC is easy and only 1.5 hours by air from any Pac-10 airport. Denver is an extra hour of travel, and they don't have a natural rivalry with Utah. Utah and BYU have been regularly playing Pac-10 teams in various sports for years. BYU is like a little Notre Dame in that they have a large fan base throughout the country, but especially concentrated in California, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah and Idaho. Neither two teams would hurt the negotiations of a new Pac-10 television contract. And, taking them out of the Mountain West Conference would force the MWC and WAC to merge the best of their schools. Boise St., Hawaii, Fresno State, San Jose State and Nevada would join the MWC to form a 12 team conference.

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