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May 24, 2010


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I have no problem with oversigning, so long as the kids that get run off the team to make room for others are still allowed to remain on academic scholarship for the rest of their college career. Sure, they don't get to play football anymore, but they get to stay at school and earn a degree. That's the reason they're their in the first place, and if they're cut from the team because they're not good enough, it sounds like the coach is just quickening the process to ween the kid from football.


The SEC is just a feeder program for the real football played at 1-AA, D-II, or Junior Colleges in Mississippi.


It's vital to know as you read this guy's website that he is a die-hard OSU fan that posts regularly on an OSU fan forum called theozone.net (under the name 7NCs7Heisman and that he lives in Birmingham where is married to a Bama fan. He has spent hours on the OSU forums obsessing about his hatred for everything Bama and Saban. However legitimate the issue of oversigning may be, this man's website has to be seen through the prism of his own prejudice, which is overpowering any kind of objectivity he might have otherwise had. You can't read his stuff if you know the truth about him and see it as anything other than jealousy and hatred.


There was a time when the Big Ten didn't believe in passing the ball, too. They got over that, they'll get over their fear of oversigning. It's legal, it's within the rules, GET OVER IT.

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