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June 16, 2010


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The Big 12 Less 2 does look wobbly. Ottoman Empire wobbly. How long before K-State or Mizzou looks for another conference where the revenue is split in a more even fashion?

Will Smithrock

Good luck finding that holy grail for K-State or Mizzou, Bevo. There are many other fine programs anxious to step into the Big 12 and take on the goliaths. Can you play alphabet soup with SMU, BYU and TCU?

Television Revenue Equity in the SEC

The Texas Longhorns are the British Petroleum of college football: they're doing whatever the hell they want and to no one's benefit but their own, they play by rules that they make up and couldn't give a damn what people say about it, they're in it for as much money as possible and they'll take as large a bite as they can, and as far as fallout or spillage or backlash or ramifications and breakups and the Big XII going to pieces, who cares and so what, as long as British Petroleum, I mean the Texas Longhorns, keep siphoning off the most possible money, then the rest of everybody in America can go straight to hell.

Friendless Nerd

That's awful funny. If it weren't for Notre Dame and the freaking SEC with their monster TV deals, none of this would be happening right now.

College Football Cafeteria

I actually think folks in Texas can't wait for a Longhorns network. Every game on TV no matter where they play, sounds like a sweet deal if I'm a fan...even if they screwed most of the conference to get there.

il cativo

You people are delusional. Let's get this straight. Nebraska whines and cries about a revenue sharing program they voted in favor of every single time it was put to a vote by the Big 12, and then lifts its skirt and bolts at the first whiff of interest from the Big 10.

In the meantime, Texas sticks by its commitment to the conference, and agrees to a better deal for ALL conference members (the remaining Big 12 teams are seeing, in all instances, a substantial revenue increase in the new arrangement and some will see their revenue payouts double (Iowa State 7 million to 15 million). Why? Because the threat of Texas leaving forced the networks to pay out substantially over the actual value of a Kansas St. vs. Baylor telecast).

One other interesting fact, Iowa State came up with the new revenue sharing program, had it ratified by the six holdovers, and passed it on to UT, A&M, OU. Texas actually turned down its share of the default money collected from CU and Nebraska. Has from the start. There was no Longhorn shakedown (generally, one does not shake a group down with their own proposal and then refuse it).

And finally, Texas is also greedy because it wants the revenue it creates? In your world by creating extra value through wins, a zealous, massive fan base, public interest, and alumni with wealth, Texas is stealing revenue from Nebraska and Iowa State. What utter nonsense.

The spin coming from the Nebraska athletic department and their fans is equal parts frustrating, terrifying, and buffoonish. This is an awesome reconfirmation of why I hate Husker Nation, and why I believe they’re consistently the dumbest, most myopic fans in college football. Good riddance.


It amazes me that big ole Texas seems to think that they need more money for their program in order to keep an edge over the little bitty schools in the Big XII. They must be real scared.

il cativo

You're easily amazed, and your reading comprehension skills stink.

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