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June 30, 2010


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Seantrel has the upper hand on this. I hope he knows that.

Vince Muzik

TV Revenue Equity in the SEC

The young man in question can do whatever he wants, he can enroll in any school that accepts him, just like any other free American.

These ridiculous "letters of intent" serve one purpose only, and that is between the schools themselves, so that when one school has a recruit "signed" to a letter stating he "intends" to go there, other schools will back off and not try to lure or "poach" that recruit into attending their school instead.

But short of this stupid game that is meant to keep one school from "poaching" the recruits of another school, those recruits themselves may change their mind anytime they like, and change their minds more than once, and attend any school that admits them.

I'm sick of these bullshit artist college coaches who think they can bluff the recruit and the whole world too, into thinking a stupid "letter of intent" legally binds a recruit to attend that school... it does not, this is America, you're free to attend any school that accepts you.

Now, does the NCAA have any kind of rule that says a recruit who has signed a letter of intent with one school is ineligible to participate in interscholastic sports at another school?

In truth I don't know the answer, but I strongly doubt it, and note that it's USC making these threats to the young man in question, and not the NCAA... and if the NCAA did have such a rule, then why would USC be all nervous and threatening about this, they'd then have the rule and the NCAA on their side, and have the kid backed into a hopeless corner, right?

Screw Lane Kiffin and screw USC, who do they think they are anyway.


Search engines are your friend TV Revenue. Here- I'll even help out:

Type: National Letter of Intent guidelines in your computer's featured search box. Then press "enter".

Quick question though: why would it matter to a hater from the SEC to question the psyche of someone they don't know or the character of a culture they inherently despise? i'm as much vexed by this dichotomy of disposition as I am curious, is all.

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