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June 30, 2010


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TV Revenue Equity in the SEC

That guy's "rankings" of SEC Head Coaches is ridiculous.

How does he even arrive at these "rankings" anyway, aren't they really just his opinion?

It's his strange opinion that Arkansas's Bobby Petrino is somehow a better Head coach than Ole Miss's Houston Nutt, but he doesn't list even a single reason why this might be so, and that makes sense, because there are none.

Also, he has both Steve Spurrier and Mark Richt rated rather highly, at numbers 4 and 5 among Head Coaches in the SEC (right behind the ridiculous rating of 3 for Petrino), well guess what?

Anybody who watches the SEC closely and understands the game of college football, knows that both Spurrier and Richt are holding their teams back, they're both underachieving with the talent they have, they themselves are the main reason their teams are stuck in the middle of the SEC pack, they both make their teams worse not better!

Sorry, but anybody who thinks that Steve Spurrier and Mark Richt are good Head Coaches, anybody who thinks they aren't just celebrities who must be holding onto their jobs by way of having dirt on someone about something, anybody who thinks these things, they don't know anything about college football in the SEC.

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