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June 01, 2010


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Nice job with the photoshop! Well done!

C.A. Steward

Goooo! Biiiig! Rrrrred! GO! BIG! RED! Time to ditch the douchehorns and head to the Big 10!

il cativo

I guess if the Cornholers can't beat Daddy Texas, they should just pull up their tampon strings and run.

Of course the Big 10 isn't going to let Osborne's Hens let anyone with a pulse and no IQ play either, which will be a bad break for the Steinkuhler progeny.

So say adios to Texas, and hello to Michigan, Penn State and Ohio State. You'll be in the same shoes, times three. Idiots.


Since the Big Ten actually does allow partial qualifiers, which was stupid for the Big XII to dismiss anyway, Nebraska will be able to recruit anyone they want.

Texas is just pissed off that someone actually stands up to them. Most elitist bullies think that way.


It is so pathetic that Nebraska still wants/needs partial qualifiers. Y'all were the only ones who cared that little about academics in '96, and you're still the only ones. What does that say? Texas hasn't even recruited a JUCO kid since Mack's been in Austin. Oh, and how can we control all the conference decisions when everything is voted on by all 12 schools? That would be like the conservatives saying that Obama being democratically elected is a dictatorial conspiracy. It comes across as equal parts insanity and ignorance.

il cativo

Ahh, yes. It's all Texas' fault that NU can't have its beloved partial qualifiers. Nevermind that 10 of the 12 conference schools voted against pq's.

As for the Big 10, that league puts more emphasis on college work than high school grades, and has much stricter rules once student athletes enroll in member institutions. Therefore, although the rules are more lax for pq's, taking a partial qualifier is a risky proposition and therefore less frequent.

But, we know the real story. Nebraska can't compete with Texas on a level playing field, and playing second fiddle doesn't sit well with Tom Osborne's oversized ego.

Travis in Texas

"Texas officials have stated that the Longhorns are in the Big 12 for the long haul, but Osborne and Cornhusker fans don't believe it. Texas does what's good for Texas. That's the view from Lincoln."

So.....Nebraska doesnt believe that Texas is in the Big 12 for the long haul, and they believe that Texas only does what is good for Texas.....yet, Nebraska is the one packing its bags for the Big 10??

That seems backwards to me. It appears that Texas is in the Big 12 for longer than Nebraska, and that Nebraska is doing what is best for Nebraska. (Not that I can fault them, but its an odd thing to say about someone else when your doing it too).

Oh well.....I guess after going 8-1 with Texas since 1996 (in the Big 12) Nebraska has grown tired of getting beat down.

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