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August 27, 2010


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Will Smithrock

How will Nevada and Fresno State both come up with $5MM to buy their way out of the WAC? They were both already in the hole with their budgets and now they will get less money than they did in the WAC.

It all hinges on BYU's response by Sept 1...

If BYU jumps ship, then they'll have to pay. If they stay in the MWC, Nevada and Fresno St. may owe nothing. At the end of the "Project" agreement, a clause was issued that said "In the event that no written agreement is executed by BYU on or before Sept. 1, 2010 ... then this resolution is terminated"

Meaning, if BYU doesn't live up to their end of the deal, Nevada and FSU owe nothing.

Read more: http://www.fresnobee.com/2010/08/25/2054186/dogs-fee-hinges-on-byu.html#storylink=mirelated#ixzz0xqS1Afzi


Every single MWC team should be ticked @ ESPN for colluding with the WAC to steal their best team!

How dastardly. and why would USU be so happy to see Boise State in a bad way?

I think the WAC and BYU got what they deserved, and good for Fresno and Nevada for scooting. Sounds like they came to Boise's rescue if you ask me. Fresno and Nevada and Boise is a great tri-rivalry, sounds like they decided to stick together.

Will Smithrock

Why would every MWC team be mad at ESPN, which is where they all want to be seen playing (instead of "the mtn") anyway?

Maybe the WAC can convince several schools to ditch the MWC and get out of the tv contract that has been killing all of those programs.

Reports are saying that if BYU leaves, the MWC's tv contract with Comcast/CBS is void, since Utah already left.

The best of the MWC can head back to the WAC and get in on the ESPN deal.

Will Smithrock

Correction to above comment:

No team can be seen if they play on "the mtn" unless they have DirecTV. That leaves out 75 percent of the country.

supra foot

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