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August 02, 2010


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Screw Boise State! Go Hokies and Go Vandals!

bob cuomo

Hey, president Kustra...how about a drink?

Doc David

Allow me to elaborate on MR. Kustra's, Boise's and Boise Junior College's problems with THE University of Idaho. I shall try to be brief.
1. The UI is a land grant research university which dates from 1889, territorial times. Boise State was converted from a junior college to a state college in the 1970s.
2. UI is 12th largest in enrollment in the 3-state area. Boise is 8th. Washington is 1st and Oregon is 2nd. UIdaho has more Rhodes Scholars among its alumni than an in the region except UW and UO. It is second in National Merit Scholars (top 1% of high school graduates) than any except UW. Last academic year, for which data are available, UI had 66 of the state's 71 spread among four institutions. Idaho State had four. How many does that leave between BSU and Lewis-Clark State?
3. Boise State has never had an alum honored with a stamp from the Postal Service. UIdaho has not had one since presidential personal diplomatic peace envoy Phil Habib, class of 1940, was in 2006.
4. Boise State has never had an alum member of Congress or governor. UIdaho alumni have dominated both. UIdaho has also provided governors for Nevada, Oregon and Alaska at the minimum. This is because half of BSU's enrollment is two year associate degree majors, as in it is still a junior college.
5. Indeed, what is Kusta going to say when Gov. Sarah Palin, class of 1987 declares her candidacy for the White House?
There's a lot more, but that gives the general idea, along with Department of Energy and NASA research grants. Of course as to NASA, there may be a bias, since the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies is Dr. Margrit von Braun, a Ph.D. engineer adn daugter of Dr. Werner von Braun... .


Hey Doc David, don't forget Dale Bosworth, former chief of the US Forest Service. Also an IDAHO grad.

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