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August 26, 2010


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You gotta love Kiffin's untucked striped shirt. Here's a nice ode to the d-bags that wear untucked striped shirts.


Tru dat

As you look at Stanford's Hairball, remember he's usually sporting a large wad of Copenhagen under that bottom lip! Always spitting in a cup...so disgusting!!

burt osborne

Looks like Sherry Wulff smoked a doobie before this pic was taken. Might also explain how she married Paul.

bob cuomo

Nice of Kiffin to dress up for the event. Guess he didn't get the memo saying it was slacks and sportcoat. Layla sure looks nice, though. I like Rick and Susan Neuheisel.

Will Smithrock

Jeff has a Tedford Wife.

Kiffin wears the untucked shirt to hide his little pot belly.

Will Smithrock

Anyone know how many of these are second wives? It is for Harbaugh. Sarkisian is first time around. The others?

The Wiz

As for second wives, Mike Stoops is in the market. He got a divorce last year from a woman who was 14 years younger. When he was coaching in Oklahoma, he once forgot her birthday: http://bit.ly/oksF2


Now I ain't sayin' shes a gold digger...

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