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August 01, 2010


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Dan Barnes

Why should Coach Dooley release Bryce Brown? The player committed to playing at the University of Tennessee for 4-5 years for free. He signed that scholarship/contract and should not be released. Other recruits should take notice that when they make a commitment they need to be adult enough to follow through. This is not the NFL where crybabies get their way.

Greg Kerr

Good point, because college football is just the place for kids to learn about commitment. Take Lane Kiffin, for instance. And what if UT decides after a couple of seasons that Coach Dooley isn't up to the job?


Somebody brought this up on another board


If Brown isn't in good academic standing, Brown transferring would hurt UTenn APR score and maybe it is at a point where this would cause some loss of scholarships to UTenn. Add on to that that this Brown kid hasn't exactly been The Beaver at UTenn, then I can understand Dooley not being inclined to help this kid at the expense of hurting his program.

Again, dont know if true, but could be a pretty understandable reason for Dooley's actions.

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