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September 20, 2010


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there was no bock in the back, the SDSU players ran into each other



Bill C.

Obviously it's hard to tell trying to pause and unpause a YouTube clip, but I've seen 100 replays of this play, and it honestly looks to me (a Missouri fan, admittedly) like the block comes on the side, and the tackler sprawls forward when he's trying to make a last-gasp tackle. That alone is disappointing because part of the narrative of that play from Mizzou fans' perspective is that Jerrell Jackson took them both out with one block, but ... all I can say is, if it was a block in the back, it was going to be VERY tough to call that in real time.

(Besides that, on Hillman's 93-yard touchdown run, he was clearly grabbed and slung forward by his offensive lineman, which is also illegal. We'll just say that these plays cancel out then.)

Bill C.

For what it's worth, I blew up the YouTube video and went frame by frame. Sure looks like a completely legal (and perfectly-executed) seal block to me.



I doubt that its "perfectly legal", but considering how much refs do miss in a given game, calling a flag on that would be much. And the rockmnation post isn't exactly frame-by-frame, and even the 3rd frame posted looks like the WR is pushing the defender in the back.

The way refs are supposed to call that is if there is unnatural forward movement, and here, the guy unnaturally runs into his own player, going forward. But it is slight, if a ref is so pedantic and flags everything of that magnitude, games would last 5 hours.


What Bill said... the help from the O-lineman on the 93-yarder doesn't need any slo-mo replay to be seen. Offsetting missed calls.

Zebra, Zebra Short and Stout...

There's film (if they even call it that anymore...) that shows a different angle of the block from the endzone camera. Anyone who says it was "clearly legal" is either lying or functioning under diminished mental capacities.

The only thing that can be said about that block is that no flag was thrown, therefore no penalty. It sure looked like a block in the back to me, but there was no flag on the field and the TD run was not called back. Yeah, Mizzou got away with one IMHO - but like the infamous 5th Down play and the ND/Michigan State game this one's in the books as a W for Mizzou. Right or wrong.

No point arguing about it, because the refs aren't going to come out on the field and restart the game.


It was legal if you watch the frame-by-frame stills of the play. Jackson engages the receiver long before Moe gets there. Jackson engages him from the side (which is legal) and continues to engage him as Perez tries to spin away and make a play (which is about where you can see it on the moving video). This is legal. Please do full research and look up the rules before posting really ignorant items. But then again, if you did that, would anybody actually read your stuff?

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