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September 14, 2010


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I find it funny that everybody blames this on Tim Brewster-- except for Nebraska fans, who know the real problem. The real problem is Kevin Cosgrove, who screwed Nebraska over and is now screwing Minnesota over. If Brewster, unlike Bill Callahan, would just fire the clueless Cosgrove, he might be able to save his job. But it might already be too late.


Coach Brewster needs to fire Ronnie Lee and Kevin Cosgrove !!!!!!!!!!!


Look, Brewster is a complete idiot. he preaches so much garbage that not even he can believe it. he cannot coach, Cosgrove cannot coach and on down the line. But... the real problem is Joel Mturi. This guy passed up Bo Pelini, Lane Kiffin, Paul Johnson and others. Until Maturi is gone, Gopher Football will be horrible.

Randall Reed

The season has only begun
I saw improvement from week one to week two in pass protection and specal teams.
Brewster has a four year plan. so please give him the four years
the kids play hard for the guy and they all seem to like him. I think we can still get to a bowl this year

Randall Reed

there is a rumor that Dungy is interested in the job

Randall Reed

There is a rumor that they are going to carve a statue of Tim Brewster somewhere in the black hills


I will be at TCF Bank Stadium on Saturday afternoon for the USC game. If the Gophers are not competitive (i.e., lose by more than 3 touchdowns), I believe Brewster's fate is sealed. Not to say Maturi will do the same thing to Brewster that he did to Dan Monson (forced resignation during the season) but his mind will be made up to take the program in another direction at the end of the season.

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Sounds like the same heat Frank Beamer and his OC are getting in Blacksburg.

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