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September 22, 2010


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Everyone associated with the U of A football program should be embarrassed by these folks


It doesn't surprise me in the least. We played college baseball out there a couple of years ago and they were by far the worst fans we encountered in 3 years. Something about not seeing any green grass or trees must turn people into maniacs.


Iowa fans aren't much better.


Such is typical of the riff raff one will encounter in the bowels of the southwestern United States. Arizona fans are a bunch of thugs, always have been.


pigeon holing the entire mass of UA fans is as rediculous as the actions of the few.

Mark Johnson

So, I went to U of A. It can be a bit trashy at times. Less the students and alumni, more the cheap seats they sell to local desert dwellers from many a poor community. I am not getting the feeling from these videos we are looking at existing or former students. There are no pro sports in town; UA is it for 100 miles.

Mark Johnson

Adding to my support. Those are end-zone seats sold for $5.00. As the team gets better and they can raise the price of the bad tickets, folks like this will stay home.


Because Arizona is obviously the only place something like this has ever happened.

Big T

What do you mean those aren't UofA alumni. The lady with the UofA hardhat is a prominent pediatrician in the Tucson area and the guy with the white pompoms is a lawyer. They obviously minored in communication at UofA. Stay classy Tucson and you will never, ever, see Pasadena in January. Go Devils!!!!

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