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September 22, 2010


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robert cooper

bbbbbaaadddd t the bone

TC LeBlanc

Looking for a outstanding season,Go Tigers....


No love for Tulsa, eh? Out of 2085 votes (as of this posting) not a single vote...

Gerald (Pops)

Geaux Tiger's Geaux !!!


GEAUX TIGERS! LSU will dominate!

mike spivey

this is the only place lsu will dominate.

Gary Garnand

GO Vandals


War Eagle!!

Jennifer Eldridge

GEAUX TIGERS......the "real" tigers.....L.S.U. BABY!!!!


They're all great! Geaux Tigers!!

Jenny Fox Morrison






Rene Jackson

LSU will always dominate in the hearts of the fans!!!

Peyton Prestwood

Ok so a Vandal said LSU doesnt dominate bruh go to a bowl game and WIN!!! Just saying

Tater Blade

LSU fans are STUPID, LSU SUCKS and so does their poster.

Tater Blade

I hold my nose and floor it every time I have to drive through Baton Rouge so I don't have to smell the stink from Tiger Stadium. Learn how to spell idiots its GO not GEAUX!!!

Tater Blade

LSU deserves Les Miles.


Tater Blade you are just jealous because LSU kicks ass you can go get F*cked. Geaux LSU all the way baby!!!


LOL @ Tater Blade

Allie K

Tater, huh? Hmm... you are awfully brave posting a name like that. I would floor it too, going through BR. But that smell? Well must be rotten, Tater!! Do Tigers like Taters? Nah, like I said rotten!! GEAUX Tigers!!

LOL @ Awbarn fans

Tater, you're a typical Awbarn fan AKA BAMA REJECT just like the rest of your cow patty incestuous Awbarn family.

It's funny you say you hold your breath when you go through Baton Rogue, especially because you're an Awbarn fan AKA BAMA REJECT.

Home of the biggest cesspool in college football. Cow pastures. Trailer parks. Racist bigots. Rebel Flags. Chicken houses. Ghettoes. Rodeos. 2 Bars. And a dilapidated buildings, outdated downtown area (which is the size of one of your single wides), and mildew encrusted buildings. And you guys not only have the biggest dump of a town/college in the SEC, but you're also home to the lamest tailgating ever. At least Vandy shows some kind of spirit. But that's Awbarn, Alabama for you!

How the hell do you guys even get decent recruits to come there? Oh, I know, YOU CHEAT! Just ask Dakota Mosley where he got thousands of dollars worth of cash from after signing day (pic popped up on Facebook) and Corey Lemonier's Corvette (popped up on Facebook). You don't go to Aubarn to win championships and you sure as heck don't go there for the entertainment... you'd definitely have to pay me, that's for certain!

You hold your breath, but I can't seem to hold mine because I'm too busy laughing at how big of a joke your college and "city" is.

How the hell do you backwoods Awbarn fans afford internet anyway? Do you even have a provider in that pissant, crap-hole town? And it's funny an Awbarn sociology guy is talking about spelling when you Awbarn fans and Gumps are known for your terrible spelling. You guys misspelled Tongue on your LSU/Awbarn gameday smack shirts a few years back. Do some research (if you know how) and you'll see why it's GEAUX and not GO.

Anyway, the traditional beatdown is coming... GEAUX TIGERS!!!


War Dam Eagle!!

LOL @ U LSwho??

WOW!!! Way to show how much class wait I mean classless you LSU Fans are!! LOL... Very entertaining and you did SUCH a great job at proving everyone's ideas about your fans true!! Good Job!!
War Damn Eagle!!!

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