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September 08, 2010


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How are bowl games different than the games that Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder stage other than the money shakedown angle?

Why not reserve the last week of the regular season for neutral site games? Promoters could arrange the best match and sell the rights to ESPN. Then, we could start a 16-game playoff the following week.


If they start allowing 5-7 teams in then we may as well have 60 bowl games and let everybody go to one

bob cuomo

It would be absolutely ridiculous to have 5-7 teams playing in bowl games. Those people (i.e., the powers that be) had better come up with a plan that prevents this...it would be a joke.

Nightly Business Report

Its time to let go of the bowls and have a playoff. Its too bad the so called “big”conferences wont let the smaller schools in. To win you only need coaching and recruiting.

Taylor Cable

There’s only one bowl game that matters: The National Championship! All the other bowls are merely contrived nonsense.

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