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October 26, 2010


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Sadly, many of May's approval votes will be based solely on the fact that he openly hates Boise State. While Generic_SEC_Fan1287 also hates Boise State, don't be swayed by this fact alone. Mark May, much like Craig James, rarely gives any credible and/or useful analysis to a college football game. He's another ESPn mystery employee. I'm not sure why they keep him on other than the polarizing factor. Is that really enough, ESPN?

Will Collier

I'm okay with May, but he's got a pretty easy row to hoe. Let's face it, any carbon-based life form would come of as intelligent if you sat it down next to Thenator Holtz.


while sitting across from Holtz, May comes across as a hotheaded and rude pr*ck, not intelligent.

May and Craig James are everything that is wrong with ESPN. The fact that those two are given free reigns on a mic is a tragedy to the entire football world.


Mark May can go shit in a hat. That is all.

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