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October 26, 2010


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I can't quite tell with this one. I'd really have to see it at full speed since slowing it down makes it look cut and dry but you can clearly see the ND player is trying to get into the pile to pull it backwards during the play. It's not as if he would have been that concerned with avoiding the guy on the ground...but that's hardly an automatic dirty blow.

If it was after the play or the ND player had no chance to effect the play then I is definitely dirty but I think he might just have stepped on him trying to pull back the pile.


Did you post the cheap shot when Navy took out ND's noseguard? If the Wiz is keeping track of the Notre Dame injuries against Navy it's:

2008 - Brian Smith, Knee-Chop Block missed rest of regular season, Michael Floyd, Knee- Cutback block missed rest of regular season.
2009 - Robert Blanton, dove at knee. Somehow Blanton didn't get hurt but Navy player was flagged.
2010 - Ian Williams, Chop block - out for remainder of regular season.

The Wiz

Blanton's cheap shot was highlighted last season, as was a cheap shot by Michigan's Jonas Mouton against N.D. center Eric Olsen. If video is available, it will be posted to the site. No playing favorites here.

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