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October 19, 2010


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There are many more terms to the bet -- please see below:

· Rules:
o The entire bar of soap is to be eaten
o The loser must provide the bar of his choosing as long as it is regulation (no small shells or tiny bars)
o The bar of soap is to be eaten without additional condiments…i.e. ketchup, mustard, mayo
o Loser can drink whatever they want with the soap, however, there is no soap swallowing. Beverage can only wash it down.
o Loser can eat the bar of soap how he wants – fork and knife, cut into slivers, large bites, etc
o If the loser gets sick, the bet continues. You can get sick as many times needed until the bar is finished
o If any questions arise or judgments needed, I will give an unbiased ruling. This will be the final ruling.

· Failure to Finish:
o Loser must pay winner $200, wear the opposing team’s football apparel every Saturday no matter where they are or what they are doing for the rest of the football season (even if they are at their home stadium watching their team play), and will be slapped by the winner at any time the winner would like (i.e. slapbet)
o IF the loser MUST go to the hospital before finishing, then the above clause is null and void

If it was just $200, I think he would've gone that route. Instead, there was also a lot of team pride on the line, and I commend Ben for following through with the original terms of the bet.


a dangerous dangerous "bet"...it was a common technique for draftees to eat soap before induction physicals to drive their blood pressure through the roof, thereby receiving 4-F draft status...just asking for heart attacks.....

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