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November 14, 2010


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That body slam against LSU was awesome, thanks for posting it! But still...go dawgs!


Here comes the crying.


The UGA player in the fight video is head-butting Fairley on the ground. Several UGA players throughout the game seemed to find it easier getting up using only an elbow in Cam's back. Fairley was definitely playing angry and rough, but his only illegal hit drew a flag that extended a scoring drive out of UGA territory.

The game was loose and rough and you're delusional if you don't think both teams had players getting out of hand all game.


Cap you're the delusional one . Nick Fairley had about 4 or 5 dirty plays in that game. And as far as i'm concerned i'm glad the Georgia players got him back @ the end. He actually deserved more than that. This is not the first game he has played this way and it won't be the last. Let's hope Alabama gets him if he tries it against their quarterback.

bob cuomo

Fairley is a cheap-shot artist and a punk. Granted, he's a pretty good player, but that dirty crap isn't necessary. Let's see how long he lasts if he tries that stuff at the next level.


what an incredibly large piece of sh*t that young man is.


The headbutt/ spear near the goal-line was wrong, and stupid. He also got called for it. Anybody who sees anything wrong with the hit that knocked Murray out... is just plain ole stupid.

UGA got beat around. They lost their composure. They got mad at Fairley because they couldn't do their jobs. They let that poor kid get beat on all day long.

Too bad AU guys - Blanc and Goggans- have to pay for UGA's lack of composure.


It seems that people forgot about the play at the beginning of the game when Fairley drove Murray into the ground, helmet to helmet, and dug his helmet under Murray's face mask which split his chin open. Fairley is a thug, plain and simple. All these Auburn fans defending him are just as bad. If a Georgia player cheap shotted someone I wouldn't sit here and defend him and say "well he was getting beat all game so the other team deserved it. You stay classy Auburn.


Not to worry,
Fairley will get his just reward just watch!


Wonder How much the Aubrun payroll is for him? Do you think they can stay under the cap this year?


I look forward to seeing Fairley taken off the field on a cart after having his knee shredded. Karma's a bitch and she'll find that POS.

That's what happens when you try chop block after chop block through out the game. Are you mutts blind? Fairley was blocked into Murray on that last play.



Auburn is a trashy team in a trashy league. Is anyone suprised that we are on the precipe of yet another SEC scandal?


Wait a sec. . . . Lets talk about the CRIMINALS on the thUGA team. This does not include your former AD and his "FRIEND" that was in the car with him!!


everyone seems to be talking about all the other cheap shots fairley took earlier in the game but if there were so many why are there no videos of them?




Karma is a bitch and coming for them Tigers.


Fairley, blocked into Murray???? Are you kidding!!!!! No one blocked him all day especially on that play. He pushed the OL out of the way and hit Murray low. It is plain and simple shown on the video.


Thanks for linking to the last two AU-UGA videos I posted.

You wouldn't believe some of the comments I've moderated from those two videos; simply based on those, I more than ever believe that AU fans have lost all rationality in their perspective.

After playing Cam, they are justified tho in their 'us against the world' perspective, since the NCAA's hammer, when it falls, will be swift, just and extremely painful. Here's to another major AU violation


O ya lets all forget about the chop block by thUGA at the start of the game




Georgia had 5 Personal Fouls @ 15 Yards each including the Chop Block by the Georgia Offensive line on Auburn's Nick Fairley in the 1st Quarter that started it all. Typical Georgia "class" includes stomping on the Vanderbilt logo? How about the end zone celebration in J-ville? How many arrests is it up to now? And for the record Farley was blocked in the Quarterback, and then triple teamed as a get back. Georgia and this Web site , quit crying, its football.

Read more: http://www.macon.com/2010/11/15/1341394/richt-not-talking-about-chippy.html#ixzz15MjJchsD

Juice Daddy

"...given the Tiger defender's earlier play, it's impossible to side with Danielson."

I'm not an Auburn or Georgia fan, but I know a sore loser when I see one. The only cheap shot vids I've seen on this page are the hit in the back and the gang rape applied by Georgia players on Fairley.

Pot, meet kettle.


I thought I was watching a Sunday backyard pick-up game; statue of liberty plays, extremely late and flagrant hits on the QB, helmet to the knee to the QB long after the ball had left his hand, punches thrown X 2 and over the top taunting/celebration after a routine play. I’m a huge SEC fan and revel in the fact that the strongest conference has won the national championship for the past four consecutive years but I gotta say, if this is the best the SEC has to represent them this year, I would prefer the SEC not fielding a competitor this year. That was the dirtiest and classless example of sportsmanship I’ve ever seen in organized sports. Auburn could’ve given the prison guards in The Longest Yard a run for their money in the dirty play department! I hope Alabama wins running away and then SC can pull off a miracle win for the championship to take AU completely out of contention. If the articles I’ve read are accurate and the NCAA rules are as I’ve read, Auburn has elected to start a player that has been ineligible since Nov 09 and this win along with the previous 10 will be stricken from the record books anyway.

SEC blows

As someone that has no dog in this fight, the hit on the QB that knocked him out of the game was a cheap shot.

Yes, he was blocked and the block had him going down, but there was a clear and obvious lunge towards the legs of the QB after the blocker disengaged from him.

Anyone that denies that is blind or a homer.


Someone call the Whaaaaambulance....

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