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November 14, 2010


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I saw this linked on SI. I'm not a fan of either Auburn or Georgia. On this, however, I must side with Georgia. Those hits were unnecessary. Auburn fans, enjoy your brief success, because the hammer is a comin'. The cheater Newton is going to kill your program for a decade.

Stabmaster Arson

The next team that plays Auburn should let Fairley through untouched, QB throws as hard as he can at Fairley's privates, hah hah. That will teach that cheapshot artist!!!


Fairly is a punk and a thug. I hope some O-lineman destroys his knee with a cheap shot. What goes around comes around.


I am not an Auburn or Georgia fan and I've read all of the comments accusing each other. Fairly's bodyslam of the LSU quarterback, his late helmet-crown in the small of the back, and the lunge to take out the legs of the QB after he had released the ball could each have led to a suspension. It's his celebration when he hurts opponents that makes me wonder what's wrong with the dude. He's flat out mean.

Frostbite 6

You might add the horse-collar tackle of Ryan Mallett by Nick Fairey to the list. At the time of the tackle, Mallett was outside of the tackle box.

In the same game, Fairey unnecessarily body-slammed Mallett forcing the quarterback to leave the game.

If memory serves, the Clemson quarterback was also speared in the back by Fairey.

Are these techniques taught by Trooper Taylor and the Auburn coaching staff?

Isn't it time for Commissioner Slive and Rogers Redding to apply some corrective action?

Sad about the direction of the AU program

If someone took out your precious, ineligible, stealing, cheating, boasting, "god of a quarterback" 'Yes We Cam Newton,' you'd all be upset too. Let's face it, you wouldn't win a game without him. And to think I called myself an Auburn fan before this game.


Great videos, thanks for posting. War Eagle.

Philip C

He is man amongest boys. The hit he was penalized on was bad. The hit at the end of get over it he was blocked into the QB. GA couldn't block him the whole game so they decided to chop block the rest of game. GA started the fights and they showed their lack of class by sending 33 players on the field and Auburn zero!

To stop Fairley just block him!


hey guess what that last video is. it's a tackle. dude wants to run the ball, he's going to get tackled. that's kind of the way football works.

the helmet to the spine was a cheap shot. that's the ONLY video you posted that's a cheap shot because it's the ONLY video of him tackling a defenseless player.

now quit whining you overgrown baby.


That body slam was badazz!


For those of you asking:


Look at the first cheap shot...
Fairley picks up Murray and piledrives him into the ground a good 2 count after he released the pass. (Which would've resulted in a fine and likely a suspension in the NFL.)

1:47 left on the clock in THE FIRST QUARTER.

...well before the alleged chop block. Singular, as there was only the one called, and I haven't seen anybody post any videos of others... Unlike Fairley's cheap shots.

That, plus many people on the outside of the situation are criticizing Fairley's play?

Are you seriously suggesting that everyone else is wrong, and only Auburn fans are right? Can you really be that blind of a homer?

Grow up and take off your Tigers PJs. Nobody is saying he isn't a great player, they're just saying that he's been making dirty plays, and obviously the coaching staff need to correct him, else Auburn will look bad on the National stage. That's called being a rational person, and not a lunatic fringe 'my team is never wrong' fan.

Eric J. Joiner, Jr.

These are AWESOME. You missed several.
Kyle Parker at Clemson.
Steven Garcia at S. Carolina
Ryan Mallet at Arkansas
Jarrett Lee at LSU (better than the Jefferson slam)

Basically if Nick gets to you, you be going DOWN.

Here is the mystery nobody has solved...if these teams had OL's that could BLOCK, this wouldnt be an issue.


This blog and others say 'well if this was the NFL...'. It's not the NFL and it's not HS football either. There are different rules for college. The NFL rules just started being enforced to protect the most valuable/expensive player on the team this year. So don't measure college athletes to a rule just enforced this year in the pros. Part of a defensive linemans' expectations is to get into an offensive backs head and Farley does that.


SEC Fan - Im glad you have such a grasp on the Newton story - you should probably consider talking to the SEC, NCAA, and FBI. Maybe suggest that they read the aricles and rules also, so that they too can understand. Idiot.


Everyone who thinks that Auburn players are cheap shot artists obviously are confused and think they are watching flag football and not tackle football. You're all whining because your teams aren't good enough to beat Auburn. Notice none of you whine about the four chop blocks against Fairley trying to injure is knees isn't mentioned here? The refs through one flag on one of the chop blocks....guess that ref was an AU fan huh? No one bitched about Alabama's 'Mount' Cody tackling opposing qb's last year. Just admit and accept that your team isn't good enough to beat Auburn and go on with life. STFU! LOL


1. I'm glad his next game is against Alabama because Saban will make sure his offensive line takes Fairley OUT of the game and it should be on a stretcher.
2. The SEC Commissioner is gutless for not suspending him for at least two games.


What a bunch of cry babies. Fairley is a beast. Everyone of these plays are perfectly legal with the exception of the late hit, for which he was penalized. I love seeing p#@@% boy Murray rolling on the ground with his boo-boo bruise to the shin. The to see Funny Boy Benjalin Jones try to retaliate for getting his butt whooooooooopped all night. Fairley isn't celebrating anything after Ben Jones tried to rape him in the pile. He is backing out and getting away, as would anyone that just got gang rapped by two UGA fairies.

The 3 BALD guys from CBS don't know jack about football, although he did get it right about the SEC politicizing the BAMA game by giving Fairley a penalty. The three BALD UGA homers from Atlanta CBS probably still think UGA has some outside shot at the BCS National Championship (as they do every year).

Hey, why don't you talk about why Georgia SUCKS!!!

By the way the UGA homers cried enough like babies to get the Purple Barnies at the SEC office to get the 80 year old Bryant loving Refs to call a homer penalty.

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