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November 21, 2010


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This is just another show of class from the state of Texas. It's sad that after everything that happened A&M could only manage a 9-6 game.


Formal complaints being prepared as I type. Players numbers who punched, grabbed at an injured Martinez ankle in second half, every linesman from both Texas teams' games. There's some funny business going on on Texas sports, possibly among boosters, game officials, maybe other teams. It's nice to have a licence and resources to investigate. I know we'll find something. :)


that's it? that's Pelini "attacking" a camera man? Seriously? It shows nothing.


Stop being in denial. He did like a low-life thug. Check out this link at http://v4.texags.com/Stories/771 .


Video and still photos show nothing remotely like the quote below. The is no Nebraska player or cords anywhere remotely in the area of the incident. What is shown is Carl Pelini's unprovoked attack trying to wrestle the camera away from an accredited media cameraman. Any other explanation is an attempt to cover up the story or out and out lies.

" One explanation has Cornhusker tight end Kyler Reed getting tangled in the camera cord and the person behind the lens yelling an inappropriate comment to Reed. Pelini then jumped in and told Reed to get to the locker room."


Hey Pelini is "on the same page" What an ass and the sad part is is that some people in Nebraska (I live there)think the Pelini's have the right to act like that. It's always "the ref's hate us, ISU players stripped the ball (2009)so they are cheaters. Boo Hoo, its a football game for Christ's sake and remember Bo doesn't care about winning games he's preparing those boys for their future. That makes me feel safe, we should have a bunch of jackasses coming out of UNL.

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