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November 15, 2010


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M Christian

It is the utmost in lost integrity that one half of the Pony Express/Paid to play backfield of SMU can talk about college athletics and deny that he received or even was aware of the cash paid to Eric Dickerson and several other teammates at SMU. Does he or ESPN really think that James was not offered or received incentives to go to that program? That in and of itself makes every statement he makes about programs at major universities hard to listen to.


He is the most biased announcer that I have heard in recent memory. I turn off the audio when he's on.


Who exactly "generally praises his work"? I've never heard anyone have a kind word to say about his color commentary, even before he lost all credibility with by involving himself in the Texas Tech incident last year.


IMHO James is a dishonest person with an agenda...perfect for politics and espn. If he wants to get elected he will have to carpet bag out of texas like Hillary Clinton. New York here comes the James gang.... lucky you.


What I don't respect about James and most of the ESPN voices -is that they have been at the forefront of shoving this Boise st/Tcu ought to play for the N Title crap. The commentators always talk about Boise's win over OU in 06' yet fail to mention Peterson didn't play as well as ignoring OU's smack down of Tcu 35-10 in 08. They don't play the same schedule's OU or Lsu or even what USC plays sorry they should be able to play for the title.

wayne A youngs

If you go look up the definition of DICK in the dictionary- it has his pic. He is the most self centered analysis i have ever heard.


Being an SMU alum, it is hard to believe that Craig James can look himself in the mirror
each morning for what he and others did to SMU football 25 years ago. Now he is taking the holier than thou approach by using his network to victimize Mike Leach and costing him his job. Why did James need to hire a high powered crisis management firm if he did not think he was the bad guy in the Leach affair? The biased reporting by ESPN at the Alamo Bowl made me sick. I will never watch another broadcast where James is the analyst. Conflicts abound in this whole mess and ESPN should take the high road and terminate James' contract immediately.


Where the Hell is Adam. Tuber did use the little bitch. Nobody wants these people. I didn't even wathc Tech football this year and I have supported them for a long long time.

Jackie Bolton

With such a huge disapproval rating, it makes one wonder how he is still employed by ESPN.

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