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November 23, 2010


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David Gladow

These men are menaces and an embarrassment to Nebraska, the Big 12, and college football in general. I am highly interested to see what they do should they blow the Big 12 North against Colorado this weekend ... chances are, it won't be good.


Anything that Bo Pelini did pales in comparison to what his brother Carl did.

They are not menaces, they just have tempers.


And Carl should apologize to the camera guy.

bob cuomo

Hmm, seems to me that the Pelini brothers are hot-tempered punks. They obviously can't handle losing a tough game. Carl really does seem to be a jerk, but Bo could be worse. What in the heck was he berating Martinez about...the poor guy was hurt.


Woody Hayes was justifiably and correctly fired for hitting a player. Carl Pelini should meet the same fate. The man committed assault. That should be fireable offense.

Bo Pelini should be fired because he is incompetent.

Jack Ball

The Big 12 officials should be fired for their performance! I'd have been pissed to had I been one of the Pelini brothers!


Jack Ball - so you going to fire the officials from every Neb game? You do know Neb is one of the worst offenders for penalties this year, right? 4th in penalty yardage and 10th in number of penalties. Funny how Neb fans immediately point to the refs every time they lose (ahem, last year's Big 12 CCG).

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