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November 16, 2010


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It looks like the face masks were stuck for a second or two, like Danielson said. Geez, get off the Fairley bashing. He got called for a personal foul which was the correct call, but all the other hits were just football.


I'm glad it's fans and reporters calling Fairley out not Georgia. Surely the SEC will review his play ... and then not do anything about it.


Grow a pair... It is football.


Fairley's face mask is not stuck to Murray's at any point in the is video. Danielson was wrong on that. Fairley's face mask starts down by Murray's chest then he rakes it up under Murray's face mask to get at Murray's chin.

Fairley is a cheap shot artist.

James Monroe

Fairley's facemask was at no time stuck on Murray's. Fariley start the "upward drag" with his facemask below the chin on Murray. Dirty players taught by dirty coaches. Coaches are still teaching the "spear" tackle a year after having a DB break his neck. Pathetic!


Where is Mike Slive?


I would like to believe the SEC will do something but after witnessing the SEC sitting on the Newton information I am not so sure. Auburn is the dirtiest school in the country

bob cuomo

Fairley may be a pretty darn good player, but he's also a cheap-shot artist punk. We'll see what happens...hopefully he'll get his one of these days.


What a bunch of faggety bitches. You know what? This is fucking football. If you don't have the fucking nutsack to man up and keep the guy off your quarteback then shut the fuck up whining. Please don't show the 3 UGA lineman on top of Fairley punchin him the play before his ejection. You can also look at the 13:45 mark or so of the 3rd quarter and watch a UGA defensive player drive his elbow into Cam Newtons back as he gets up. There is also a super dirty crack back block BELOW THE WAIST(Gary Danielson mentioned it on the radio today) on Fairley in the first half. So, all you chickenshits that can't take the fact that Nick Fairley was whipping the shit out of your OL can take your lame ass to the soccer field with your crying.

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