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November 07, 2010


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Jim Grossman

Since everyone agrees the BCS is broken and essentially is a "beauty contest." Until we get a proper playoff system like every other sport here's a suggestion: Evaluate teams by how efficient they are. In other words, rank the teams on how well they play (win/loss record, strength of schedule and statistics) against how much resources they have (football budget, ranking of incoming recruiting class, maybe even size of fan base.) Ideally this would be the only ranking qualification in both the human and computer polls, but even if it was just a component of either or both sets of polls, I think it would spur what I believe 'amateur' and college sports should ultimately and even exclusively be about; the pursuit of excellence, not necessarily dominance. Leave that to the pros and their driven pursuit of almighty dollar. Evaluating teams based on efficiency and ultimately excellence would also be much more patriotic and exemplify the values that American was founded and built upon. Doing more with less, creating an environment where everyone is free to succeed and establishing a level playing field where everyone knows and plays by the same rules... What do you think? Nixon went to China, the Berlin Wall came down, why not this?

John Hunter

I sure hope we get Boise State or TCU in the title game. Which really means I have to hope Auburn losses. I also hope the Rose Bowl isn't TCU vs. Wisconsin because I think my Badgers would be killed. If Boise State or TCU gets the Rose Bowl, I sure hope it isn't against Wisconsin. Unless one of those two played Oregon (very unlikely) I think they will destroy whoever they played.


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