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December 18, 2010


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They could easily run an 8-team playoff beginning 2-3 days before Christmas, the semifinals on NYD and the championship around Jan. 10 and it would have the exact same impact as the current system. This excuse makes me so angry! The NCAA basketball tournament spans 3 weeks in the middle of the spring semester! Those teams play 30+ games! Baseball plays 60+ games, many northern teams are away from campus for the first 6 weeks of the season! Let's not pretend that academics are an issue here, they're only a convenient excuse when they support the presidents' agendas.


Based on these arguments, academics must not matter a lick at schools like Mount Union, University of Minnesota at Duluth, and Villanova.

bob cuomo

Those college presidents are full of shit. There's no way a playoff format (an eight-team tournament, anyway) would affect academics more than the current system. I also agree with both of the previous posters.

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