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December 02, 2010


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Purple People Eater

Please don't reduce yourself to quoting Kevin Scarbinsky, the biggest fraud in all of "journalism". I appreciate your efforts to find an argument for both sides, but quoting Scarbinsky hurts your effort. He has serious credibility issues. His presence makes the Birmingham News the least credible and influential newspaper in the state.

Buck Futt

My. Appears somebody is butthurt in bamaham.

Scarbinsky is about the only writer in that town who doesn't kiss bama's big red ass on a daily basis. Apparently that makes him a "fraud" to the Mullet Nation.


How Pat Haden forgets the facts of the USC case. Assistant USC coach Todd McNair was the go between Bush and the agents. That's why USC got busted.

bob cuomo

Sorry, Pat Haden, but you're wrong about this one. Bush and his family actually did accept money and/or benefits, that's why USC got hammered. As far as we know, the Newtons haven't seen any money or benefits. Sure, Cecil Newton was pimping out his kid, but as far as we know, Cam hasn't seen any money, but I wonder what kind of deal he has with Under Armour.


Bring proof that the Newton's actually received a dime from Auburn or Auburn boosters and we can then compare it to the Bush's free house.

Asking and getting are two different things.


lol... where the hell does your fan base gets its knowledge? Mcnair was the go between guy. NO! Read the report dummy before you open your hole. USC got busted for "a high profile player" needs special attention and " they should have known". nowhere in any report does it say " yes they knew". should have known. And the rest of you dummies it does not matter if money exchanged hands or not. IT IS A VIOLATION TO ASK, OFFER AND ACCEPT.
SO ASKING AND GETTING ARE THE SAME THING. No evidence? Pulling up to a interview in a $60,000.00 SUV is odd. $50,000.00 to bring your church up to code is nothing why even bring that up. Everyone knows the SEC so inferior it has to cheat to play against honest college teams. 4 years of fake Nc's.

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