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December 06, 2010


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Ron Zook not only voted TCu the lowest at 6th, but he also included 3 Big 10 teams in the top 5. After Auburn/Oregon, he voted Wisconsin, Ohio State, Michigan State, 3-5 respectively.

Nope. No bias at all.


you can make a srong argument that huskers beat themselves all 3 games w/all the turnovers, penalties, etc. yet huskers were in position to win deep in the 4th in all 3 games. also not fair to penalize a team for losing it's championship game... afterall, it's an xtra game they earned to play in w/sole purpose to crown a champion. they should be ranked the 2nd highest big 12 team.


to joe the husker lover. Every team beats themselves when they turn the ball over. Why is it that Nebraska is the only team in America that thinks that a loss does not mean a drop in the rankings? Gee you wonder why the Big 12 can not wait for you whinny fans to leave...


Jimbo do you actually read much? Doesnt sound like. Huskers are the second best team in the B-12, ranking are total bs. The huskers got screwed royally in a game. They dont get the kind of consideration that Bama gets when they lose. Most of the Huskers I have met think a drop in the polls makes sense, but then again they were underrated before this last game IMO. As for the rest of us here in the B-12, none of us want the huskers to leave. We all know that the conf will fall apart soon after they go. What are you on? Husker fans have always been cool to us even when we beat em.


YOJIMBO or bubba whatever your name is OkieStater is 100% right I am a Baylor Alum and NOT 1 person I have talked to at all our home and away games this year blame the HUSKERS or want to see them go but they have to do what's best for them and we in the BIG 12 can see why they are going but it's not for anything you can dream up.When ever we played them either at home or away their fans were always the best in the Conference and among the most loyal.....the Big 12 will be nothing but a way for UT to get their own Network up and running and then they will bail leaving us all holding the bag....don't you wonder why a Great Coach/Person Like Tom Osborne would have good reasons for doing what they have done....look where the Money Trail leads and it's always back to UT I assure you.


Fellow Big 12'ers,
Thanks for sticking up for the Huskers. I know that some are glad to see Nebraska leave, but it is good to hear some support. I will miss being a part of the Big 12, but it was apparent that UT was running the show. I believe that NU just got tired of Texas pulling all the strings. It is really too bad that things did not work out for the Big 12 to stay intact as it was.

Jeff Terp

There are good and bad fans in who follow every team. Just remember the fans select the team they follow, the team doesn't select the fans. Huskers we will miss you. I hope Beebee doesn't continue bowing to Texas and sacrificing the others in the conference. By the way The A&M game had to be rigged, I have seen high school refs do a better job for much less pay. It was also dissapointing for B12 not to send a rep to give you the trophy. I hope you enjoy the B10 and who knows maybe we can join you in a couple of years.


TOO TRUE maybe some want to drink the Kool-aid that the University of Texas and ESPN are selling but the majority of rational thinking people KNOW what is going on outside whats being spun for us to swallow by the press and sports A.D.'s offices don't worry Husker folks we know whats going on despite what the media and standard coach speak want us to.

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