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January 26, 2011


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Adem Weldon


I am a huge fan of your site. I've written you before about the quality of your work. Since I am a Husker fan, I am going to have to take issue with this post.

1. Under $500 of revenue.
2. You sound a little too proud to be the reason for the deal being nullified.
3. Were you this zealous about the Cam Newton situation?
4. The fact that this deal existed before NU recruited Martinez should have been enough to extinguish the story. This is not just your fault - ESPN and LA area papers jumped all over it as well.

Surely there are more interesting stories out there?

Adam Erickson

I think the domain registration issue is a mute point. The law requires that someone be the registered owner of the domain. But usually that's just the person who set it up. In most small businesses, that's the network administrator. Registering a domain doesn't imply continued ownership of it, or ownership of the business that is running on that site. Seems pretty natural that a son would help his dad set up his small business's web site.

As for why it suddenly changed to an private registration, clearly it's to keep people from making a big deal out of something that is irrelevant to whether there was or was not a quid-pro-quo for Nebraska taking Taylor as a recruit (which is clearly what is being implied but never said). Private domain registrations are incredibly common and becoming moreso. I noticed, for instance, that your site registration is private:
Domains by Proxy, Inc.

Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)

I don't know about trademark law, but I suspect it's a similar thing.


There is a clear conflict of interest in having a company set up a deal with a school and then out of the blue the kid goes to that school. Saying that, this would be a bigger story if Nebraska didn't end up in the Holiday Bowl every year.

As for the great Dr. Tom Osborne, when it comes to judgment calls, nobody should forget his decision to reinstate Lawrence Philips for the 1996 National Championship game. "Lawrence Philips needs football", more like "Dr. Osborne needs a soul, because he just sold his to the devil for a National Championship."


Hey Wiz,

Its a bit tangential, but Corn Fed promoted itself by spamming up at least one of the college football message boards a few years ago.

quote:"When I launched this site last October, I was just getting my arms around the capabilities of the message boards, and hadn't reigned in spammers. There were four or five people that signed up that were spamming this site with links to the 'Corn Fed' gear."

il cattivo

Oh for God's sake! Please don't question the integrity of Husker Nation. They'll pick up their toys and bolt for Super Liga.

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