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January 31, 2011


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How many of these hits caused a 16 month injury? John Bender's hit ended Fuga season, and he may have to redshirt next year.

Any other hits cause a year's worth of recovery here?


How could you not include UGA center Ben Jones' attempt to maim a MSU DL with a clip downfield and away from the ball? SEC suspended him half a game for it. How many suspensions did Fairley earn?

bob cuomo

Notre Dame's Neal stomping on Navy's guy stomping on the Navy's Howell is pretty damn chicken shit, and Nevada's Bender taking out BYU's Fuga is a very, very cowardly hit...but I gotta go with Auburn's Fairley for his "great" body of work. The guy is a great defensive tackle, you have to give him that, but he's also a punk for playing dirty.


Nick Fairley should get a lifetime achievement award, but that knee to the groin/butt by Eric Smith in the NCG is absolutely ridiculous. It really shows the type of environment that Auburn creates that they have won this thing twice and are basically guaranteed to win it this year too.


There were two cheap shots shown against Nebraska players. Both plays resulted in personal foul penalties against Nebraska. Any wonder Nebraska fans were paranoid about Big XII officiating by the end of the year.

Keith Petrie

Someone grabbing stuff they shouldn't be grabbing may not seem as bad as some of the other hits, but it sure isn't something you expect on the field and DEFINITELY makes you wonder about the player who's grabbing it!!


Amen brother! GBR!

Windy City Fan

How did the Nebraska player get penalized twice for getting his junk grabbed? The ref was right there. Did the Big 12 at least suspend the Tex A&M player? He should be charged with sexual assault!!!! I hate seeing the hits to the knees but the junk, ouch. Terrible officiating, they should be penalized also

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